The Educational Quiz App based on Wikipedia™

  • Wikipedia™ has millions of Articles, organized in Categories
  • Wikiz uses these Categories to generate Quizzes

Wikiz offers an almost unlimited number of Quizzes in numerous languages.
ALL quizzes in Wikiz have been created by the community.
You can play existing Quizzes, but also create new ones, just by searching Wikipedia™.
You can learn new things and benchmark your results against the community.

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At Wikiz, we love Wikipedia™, we love Educational Quizzes, and we love to make Apps. We found that most Quiz Apps on the market were first too general, second more for entertainment rather than for educational purposes, and third not available in all languages. What if you speak Hungarian and want a Quiz on frogs?

These are the main reasons we created Wikiz.


Through hundreds of Quizzes, created by the community


Answering questions and reading Wikipedia™ Articles


New facts and compete with others


Quizzes on literally ANY topic


Questions or Pictures that are not relevant


Your new Quizzes with your friends